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[[03x11 Prue Telekinesis|px]]
Prue uses telekinesis

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Telekinesis eyes

After regaining her powers, Prue only could use her powers threw her eyes only


Telekinesis hands

After an year getting her powers back she was able she move object with her hands.

Advance TelekinesisEdit

Only some users of Telekinesis can grow into Advanced Telekinesis.With this ability users can do many things as ...

  • Glide/Fly
  • Move multiple of things or objects (depends of weight)
  • Can exploded things or objects
  • Can use there mind only to move objects
  • Can create an Telekic Wave
  • Super Strength


* =Advanced User
Prue Halliwell*
Telekinesis prue 4x
Prue had this power since her birth, she displayed it when she was inside her mother. Her grandmother binded her and her sister powers a few years after there mothers death. They powers where unbined in Season 1. Every since then she has shown amazing ways of using this power(walking on walls,etc.)
Penny Halliwell*
Penny's power dramatically surpassed even that of Prue's. In 1975, when the Charmed Ones visited the past, Grams thought that they were warlocks. Using her telekinesis, Penny was able to move the sisters through an intricate path out to the porch, showing both the strength and skill which Penny possessed.
Billie Jenkins

Billie had apparently learned to master this power quickly, given she used it to enhance her natural acrobatic and martial arts talents so that she could perform flips and other gravity-defying maneuvers.