James Main
The mask comes off
Date 10/09/14
Seasons 1A
Episode 4
Director Alyssa Milano
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Next Episode Getting them slowly

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Pagie and Prue lands up at Phoebe's. Condo. "That was to close" Prue said. They both realized that they left Piper and Phoebe back at the attic. Pagie Orbs The Book of Shadows to her. They where flipping threw the book. "He told me about himself, but i can't remember what he said." "Ok, I help u."

Remember what is not thought of,

So it can help get this situation done

"I remember now, he half...." and Energy ball flies and hit Prue,knocking her out cool. An energy ball files at Pagie. "ENERGY BALL!" She sends the energy ball flying back, making The Source,Jr dizzy. Piper comes in trying to blow him up.


Tie him up

He was locked up in a wooden chair with red glowing chains. His robe vanish showing his true real face.

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"You,I know your parent. Mrs. Kelley, I remember her when I was a social worker." Pagie said " You ran away from her when you was 11." "She died 2 yeas later. " His dad is The Source or all Evil. " His only 15" "16!!" Kevin blurted in "Ok 16. " Kevin was trying to flame but can't because the chair blocks out all active powers. Piper cast the same spell that see cast on Prue to bind her powers on Kevin. They teleported to the attic.

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"What we going to do with him," " His mother is dead." " I'll adopt him" Prue said. "No you want" Kevin said. " It that or the detection center" "Fine" Kevin said. Prue and Kevin went to The Social Services to adpot Kevin, which cause his last name to change to Halliwell.


  • The sisters get to see the real face of The Socure,Jr.
  • Prue adot Kevin making her is adopted mother.