Time will tell
Getting them slowly
Date 10/23/14
Seasons 1A
Episode 5
Director Alyssa Milano
Previous Episode Humanoid
Next Episode Cole the whiteligher

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Prue cooking breakfast for everyone im the Manor. " Prue, these eggs are good", said Piper. "Thanks" Kevin walks in smelling the breakfast. "Prue this smell mighty good." "Thanks" " Prue an Edler, coming down to talk to you about your powers." "They nerves to gets for me to get open the bottle and you go bananas again" Paige orbs in from her room." Ready to dig in" Paige says with a huge smile. As Paige sits down i huge thump from the living room, making Kevin,Leo, and all the sisters to run into the living room to see fully grown Chris.

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"What the hell you doing here!?" Piper said. " The Elders sent me here," " They saying that something powerful headed this way and they need all the help they can get" Kevin gives Adult Chris an side look making Chris orb him back into the kitchen. " I don't like him?" " Who is is anyway?" Chris says. " Your Adopted Cousin, now be nice" Piper said. "Fine" said Chris with an evil smile on his face.

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The Elder obs in. "We see that we brought Chris here to help out." "We have to fix your powers so u can help." " Yea but I or my sister don't what me to go coco for coco puff." Prue says. " How about we try to give you your powers back slowly. " says the Elder. " I getting them slowly" Piper pulls out the bottle with Prue powers. The Elder pulls out 1 power from the bottle and place it into Prue. " Kevin come here" the Elder said. The Edler waved his hand over Kevin giving him an power. He Orbs out without saying a word.


  • Prue gets one of three of her power but don't no witch one
  • Adult Chris is back
  • Kevin gets a newer power it unkown