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Good girl,Gone bad
Do you remember yourself?
Date 09/26/14
Seasons 1A
Episode 2
Director Alyssa Milano
Previous Episode Your Home
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"Your Prudence Halliwell",Piper said "I don't know who are you people, but get Out !!!",Prue said angrily. Piper gets Projected out of the room, while Pagie and Phoebe where telekineded out the room."Her powers have catch up to time. "Phobe said getting of the floor. "I know your asses here me come down here NOW!!",Piper said. The elder can down from Up There, the same one we who gives them the spell."Why she asking like she don't know any of us", Phobe said "She don't" the Elder reply. " It takes time for her memory to come back" "Keep her from evil at all times" " Even in little influence she will turn even." The elder Orbed out.

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Source Child

Later on that week the new of Prue spreads threw the underworld. All the time demons,warlock,evil witches tried to capture Prue. But one evening, one demon was very powerful. It was gets Phobe at home by herself when a demon that look like The Source. Phobe and Prue are on the sofa. As Phoebe did a flying kicked,he flamed out of her way to the other side. "Leave him alone" Prue said. "PHOEBE!" Prue Called. Phoebe was Telpored by Prue to the attic. Phoebe ran back down stairs to see Prue gone. She calls Piper and Pagie to tell them. Pagie orbs in with Piper.

"Come on Phoebe,"Pagie said. They orbs out of the attic to the underworld to see Prue as a evil witch. As she tried to run, Piper tried to freeze her, but her hands started to glow and Prue's shoes melt to the ground.Pagie grabbed Prue,whithout her shoes, and they left.
180px-479px-Piper Hands Glow

Piper Gains an newer power

Phoebe and Piper chanted an spell

There's no place like home,

where we can sleep in the mornin

White Orbs circles the two sisters and teleport them the the Manor.

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When they get there, Pagie a Prue tided up. "What do you want" . Prue said trying to brake free;Piper was unable to freeze her melting the rope and letting her excape .They called the Elder down about Piper powers and Prue becoming an Evil Witch.As the Elder was trying to explain to the tree sister, Prue Projects in causing Piper to start and fire in mid air.Prue shoots an Telekinc wave an Pagie; which Pagie Obrs back at her sending her flying. "All be back" Prue says as she Projects out once again. "You see what i'm talking about" Piper turns back around to the Elders. "Piper your Powers are growing" says The Elder " And about Prue, you will need this bottle to hold her power binned." " When you get them we will try to remove the evilness out of them" The Elder Orbs out, leaving each sister with an binnding bottle.


  • Prue turns into an evil witch
  • Piper gets a new power