This page is intended to provide a template for setting up character pages, so that they may all be standardised and easily accessible. To use this, copy and paste all content below into the page (be sure to go into the editor, select Source, and copy content below this paragraph). Replace anything "(text)" with what the items inside ask for. Note that the category should be one that is associated with what the character is - male, female, etc.

(basic summery of character, name, type, very short bio information)


(provide a history of the character here)


(bring up notable powers or skills here)


(list powers here, write "This character does not have any powers" if they have none)


(Include skills here. They could be good cooking, kung-fu, etc...)


(subjective here - include things like "knows as much as an Elder does" if applicable. Section can be removed if it is too difficult)


(Include name of fan season and episodes below it.)


(include family members and relations here)